The benefits of our nonlinear analysis expertise are:

Reduced cost of test campaigns

When nonlinearities are encountered, practicing engineers either proceed by trial and errors, which severely increases testing time, or use linearization methods which provide an inaccurate characterization of the nonlinearities. Thanks to our services, not only the outcomes of the experimental analyses can be trusted, but the duration of the test campaign can be substantially shortened.

Troubleshooting solutions

Nonlinearities can compromise the structural integrity and performance of products. The major risk is that product development is interrupted when certification requirements are not fulfilled. We offer a solution to assess the impact of nonlinearities already at early design phases, and provide companies with high-fidelity models of the nonlinear connections in their structure.

Reduced time-to-market

When confronted to nonlinear vibrations, practicing engineers struggle to correlate their measurements with simulations resulting from classical FEA software. Since our approach integrates nonlinearities in numerical models, the correlation step is greatly accelerated.

Our references

NOLISYS has already demonstrated the versatile character of its competence on several industrial cases in aerospace and mechanical engineering.


Design of a nonlinear absorber

   NI2D® Early Adopter Program
(first impressions)


Nonlinear modal analysis of the MS-760 aircraft


  Nonlinear identification of an oil tank

Nonlinear GVT of a F-16 aircraft

  Partner of the NOMAD Institute

  Nonlinear vibration analysis of an air compressor       Nonlinear identification of a wing anti-ice system