NI2D software


Thanks to its experimental capabilities, the NI2D® software allows the analyst to quickly and robustly identify nonlinear phenomena during vibration test campaigns. Starting from data measured using accelerometers and/or laser vibrometers, the NI2D® software can detect (yes or no?), locate (where?), visualize (what?) and estimate (how much?) nonlinearities.

Based on a hybrid nonlinear modeling of the structure, the NI2D® software also calculates nonlinear time responses, nonlinear vibration modes, nonlinear resonance frequencies and bifurcations through innovative algorithms. These nonlinear features provide a clear and immediate view on the impact of nonlinearities on the dynamical properties of the structure, for predictive and design purposes.

NI2D® capabilities can be easily understood and utilized by the practicing engineer. NI2D® has the following features:


  • Easy-to-use GUI in Matlab
  • Fast computations through FORTRAN coding
  • Import of Test.Lab files
  • Import of FE models
  • Identification tools for detecting and visualizing nonlinearities
  • Nonlinear phase resonance (stepped sine testing)
  • Nonlinear phase separation (broadband testing)
  • Newmark integration method
  • Computation of nonlinear modes
  • Computation of nonlinear frequency responses



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